The following codes of conduct have been agreed upon by the students through the Student Council and staff, and are displayed throughout the school.

At Bonython:

  • Everyone has the right to feel safe and happy;
  • We speak and behave in a way which respects the rights and property of others;
  • We do our best at all times;
  • We respect our school and the environment and we keep them both clean;
  • We move safely around the school; and,
  • We walk our bikes through the school grounds.

All classes negotiate their own accepted behaviours at the beginning of the school year in conjunction. Student and adult behaviour is 'expected' to reflect the five Bonython B's – Be considerate, Be courteous, Be caring, Be sure to use commonsense and Be co-operative.

Student Behaviour Management

Bonython's policy has been based directly on the ideas of Dr William Glasser. The basic philosophy is that when a climate prevails where children know that they are cared for, accepted and valued, the likelihood of their making appropriate behavioural choices is enhanced. Therefore:

  • Bonython Primary School is a place where each child's needs can be satisfied;
  • Each individual is responsible for his/her own behaviour;
  • Rules developed jointly by students and staff will provide guidance for behavioural choices and will be clearly publicised throughout the school;
  • If a child chooses to behave in an unacceptable manner he/she will forfeit the right to remain with the group/class until such a time as a commitment towards acceptable behaviour is made by the child; and,
  • Parents will be informed if their child continues to have difficulty making acceptable behavioural choices.

In the case of inappropriate behaviour the following may occur:

  • Non verbal warning;
  • Verbal warning;
  • Time out within the classroom;
  • Time out in another classroom ;
  • Time out at the front office.
  • In extreme cases in school withdrawal or out of school suspension may be a consequence and return to class will be negotiated between the student, the teacher, parents and the principal.

The Playground

For minor misdemeanours in the playground there is a series of immediate consequences agreed upon by staff and students. Lunchtime "Time Out" for students who have made unacceptable behavioural choices in the playground enables them to focus attention on changing their behaviour.