The Fit and Active Child…

  • Is physically skilled and active

The Social-Emotional Child…

  • Acts with integrity and regard for others
  • Contributes to group effectiveness
  • Manages self and relationships

The Critical Thinking Child…

  • Uses a range of strategies to think and learn
  • Makes considered decisions

The Numerate Child…

  • Chooses and uses measures
  • Understands and applies numbers
  • Recognises and represents patterns and relationships
  • Uses a range of strategies to think and learn
  • Makes informed choices about money and finance

The Literate Child…

  • Reads effectively
  • Writes effectively
  • Uses information and communication technologies effectively
  • Critically interprets and creates texts
  • Listens and speaks with purpose and effect

The Inquisitive Child…

Understands and applies scientific knowledge

The Creative Child…

Creates, presents and appreciates artistic works

The Healthy Child…

Takes action to promote health

Knowledge of the World Child…

  • Understands and values diversity
  • Acts for an environmentally sustainable future
  • Understands about Australia and Australians
  • Understands and values what it means to be a citizen in a democracy
  • Understands world events and issues
  • Communicates with intercultural understanding