Kids play at Little BurraLittle Burra's fun-filled settingKids are drawing at Little BurraThe front of the school

Our Preschool Unit, Little Burra, is a welcoming, inclusive and fun-filled setting, which takes pride in a strong sense of community spirit and support. The value and promotion of Early Childhood Education has never been stronger. Preschools are now recognised as a crucial first step in a child's formal learning. Little Burra is about fun, play, acceptance, sharing, building, creating, expressing, investigating, communicating, problem solving and success! A major focus during this initial year of schooling is that of fostering and developing self-esteem, social skills, etiquette and gaining independence. Equipped with these skills, children's transition into future educational settings is made all the more successful.

At Bonython Preschool, we offer a quality "play-based" educational program, in an environment which is safe, nurturing and responsive to the needs of our students. We adhere to National Quality Standards and endorse our National Framework, the Early Years Learning Framework. We believe it is the wish of parents, teachers, students and communities alike that every single child, regardless of circumstances, be given every opportunity to learn and to achieve!