The Arts

Bonython Primary School values the Arts as a medium of expression.

We have a music specialist who takes all classes K-6 for a session per week. Students in Years K-2 participate in music through songs, movement and games, as well as using tuned and untuned percussion to explore concepts such as pitch and melody. Students in Year 2 also learn how to play the recorder and read basic music notation.

In Years 3-6, students participate in singing activities, as well as experimentation with tuned and untuned percussion instruments to explore music concepts such as beat, rhythm and pitch. Throughout the year students learn basic chords and songs on the ukelele, and perform these at assemblies. Dance is also taught in the senior classes through a range of genres.

Bonython Primary School has a strong and valued connection with Kulture Break. Our Year 5/6 students have the opportunity to be active participants in Kulture Break's annual Dance Nation showcase. Participating students engage in a weekly dance session for a semester, co-ordinated by Kulture Break dance instructors, and perform at the Canberra Royal Theatre with other participating schools.

Students explore the visual arts through their Integrated Studies units.