the image of Namadgi classroomKids are studying in Namadgi classroomKids are studying in Namadgi classroomKids are studying in Namadgi classroom


Writer's Workshops: Students work through the stages of writing from planning to publishing in a self-paced, workshop style environment. 

Reading Strategies lessons:  Students are explicitly taught to interpret texts using a variety of strategies, including creating images, self-questioning, comparing and synthesising. 

Cooperative Reading: As part of the reading program, students work in their Cooperative Reading Groups where they discuss feelings, interpretations and responses to a range of shared texts.

Speaking and Listening: Throughout the year, students hone their speaking and listening skills through group discussions, assignment presentations, assemblies and leadership opportunities. In Term 4, Namadgi students participate in weekly sessions of our Public Speaking Program (PSP). This program is designed to help students improve their confidence and skills in public speaking. Each week students will be expected to present a speech on a different topic for PSP.


Namadgi students study the following concepts:

  • The four operations — Applying written and mental strategies to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Length — Measuring length using formal units of measurement and finding the perimeter of an object
  • Patterns — Identifying complex sequences of numbers and shapes, continuing and creating patterns
  • Fractions and Decimals — Identifying equivalent fractions and decimals and using the four operations to solve fraction and decimal equations
  • Data — Interpreting data representations and using data to pose questions
  • Angles — Naming, measuring and comparing different angles

Integrated Studies

Each term, students investigate a unit of work that incorporates other areas of the national curriculum, such as science, history, geography and the arts.

Physical Education

Students participate in structured fundamental movement skill sessions. These skills are incorporated in modified games. Students also participate in Bluearth sessions.


Classes visit the library on a weekly basis.

The Namadgi Fete

Each year the Namadgi students participate in a financial literacy unit to plan, organise and run the Namadgi Fete. Money raised funds the Year 6 Graduation.


To consolidate their learning students should:

  • Practise their individual literacy and numeracy LIs
  • Read daily with an adult and discuss the text
  • Log on to Khan Academy to consolidate their numeracy strategies at home