How The Bluearth Approach Works

The key to the Bluearth Approach and the reason it is so successful is the focus on the students' experiences as a result of participating in each activity.

The Bluearth coach seeks feedback from the students throughout the session drawing on their feelings, reactions and thoughts that resulted from their participation.

Students are not told what is right or wrong, rather, through skillful guidance and questioning a range of powerful messages are reinforced. These include:

  • Honesty
  • Fair play
  • Consideration for others
  • Cooperation
  • Challenging oneself
  • Quality of Attention

Key Areas Of Bluearth Student Development

Bluearth sessions address the following critical areas of student development:

  • Ability to concentrate and remain focussed on specific tasks
  • Self confidence
  • Cooperation
  • Awareness of others
  • A willingness to accept new challenges
  • Improving behaviour/choices
  • Desire to attend school on Bluearth days

The Bluearth Approach And Principles

Specifically designed games, movements and postures that meet Physical Education (PE) curriculum requirements are used as the basis of the Bluearth program. Bluearth adheres to and promotes a number of principles that lead to achieving improved social, personal, physical and academic outcomes. These are:

  • Inclusive, enjoyable and non-threatening learning environment
  • A presumption that each student has the ability to succeed
  • Opportunities to allow exploration creativity and self-assessment