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School Board

The School Board embodies the principle of collaboration between parents and staff, and community partnership in decision-making processes. Its members include three parents (one being the Chairperson), two teachers, a community representative and the Principal. Staggered two-year terms ensure continuity in the Board’s work. The Bonython Board encourages communication between the school and its community in determining the school’s budget, curriculum and education policies.

Sickness and Accidents

If a child becomes unwell at school the student’s emergency contacts will be informed and school first aid facilities will be used until parents take the child home. If a child suffers a serious accident at school, parents will be notified immediately. If emergency treatment be required the child will be transported by ambulance to a hospital. If a child requires medication during school hours the following procedures should be followed for the safety of children and staff:

If your child becomes unwell with chicken pox, mumps, measles or any other infectious disease, please contact the school for information about quarantine periods and to enable the school to warn other parents that their children may have been exposed.

Signing in

In the interest of safety in our school, parents and carers are reminded to sign children in when they arrive at school after 9.30am and sign out through our front office when they are needed to be collected early.  All visitors, volunteers and trades people in our school are required to sign in through the front office.

Stationery supplies

To assist in setting our students up for learning success each year we bulk order an assortment of required stationery supplies for every student in each year level.  These supplies will cover your child’s curriculum needs throughout the year, and include items such as: lead and coloured pencils, textas, scrap/exercise books, display wallets, post-it notes, scissors etc.   Parents are advised each year of the Stationery Supply Fee and are encouraged to pay to ensure all stationery arrives for the school year.

Sun Protection Policy

In accordance with the Education Directorates policy, Bonython Primary School has developed a policy based on the ACT Cancer Society’s Sun Smart Policy and Guidelines. The main features are as follows: · Hats and sunscreen are actively encouraged for all outdoor activity · A policy of “No hats, No play” is enforced · Where possible, outdoor activities are timetabled for the earlier part of the day · School hats are available from the Uniform Shop.  For further information see our web page for our sun smart policy