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School uniforms can be purchased by visiting the Flexi schools’ website, or completing a paper order form. The order form can then be placed, with payment, in the P&C box in the school’s front office. Once the uniforms have arrived they will be sent to your child’s classroom for them to bring home. Please email or visit the Facebook page if you have any further enquiries.

Voluntary Contributions

Contributions have assisted the school to conduct additional programs and activities and purchase educational material. The School Board suggests an amount for contributions which will directly support the educational programs run by the school. This voluntary contribution may be made in full or in part or by instalments. Section 27 of the Educational Act 2004 states:

  1. The school board of a government school may ask the parents of a student enrolled at the school, or anyone else, to make a financial contribution to the school.
  2. The following principles apply in relation to financial contributions:
    1. each contribution is to be voluntary;
    2. a student at the school is not to be refused benefits or services because the student’s parents do not make a contribution;
    3. a student is not to be approached or harassed for contributions;
    4. any record of contributions is confidential.

(3) If the school board asks the parents of a student enrolled at the school to make a financial contribution, the school board must tell the parents about the principles that apply in relation to financial contributions.

Schools may offer to facilitate some specific optional items, activities and services for which parents may be required to pay if they want their child to access them.