Bonython Primary School

Principal's Message

Bonython Primary School is a friendly, safe and supportive environment where students are challenged to achieve their best through individualised learning within a cooperative team approach. Students are valued for their diversity and individual strengths. We achieve this in an environment where students interact and learn together for the greater good of all.

Bonython Primary School provides a well balanced educational program which emphasises the development of individual skills and talents in all aspects of the Australian Curriculum. The Quality Teaching Model, Bluearth, Dance Program, KidsMatter, Glasser based philosophy and our language of Giving to Self, the environment  and the community underpin all school programs.

The focus of our learning is based on the values and attributes that all people need to be active, successful and happy citizens in our global society in the 21st century. Students are valued and taught to be literate, numerate and active team members in a technological society.

We believe that learning is a partnership between home and school and greatly appreciate the active role that our parents and carers play in developing our students to be the leaders of tomorrow.

The committed staff at Bonython Primary School provide the best possible learning opportunities for all students and are continually engaged in professional learning that is focused on improving student learning outcomes.

Kind regards

Greg Terrell