Our Community

Parents and our school

Parental Responsibilities and Involvement

In order to provide the best possible learning environment, curricula and teaching methods, Bonython Primary School needs continuing information and support from parents. Parents are strongly encouraged to have an active and supportive interest and involvement in the school. This may include: support for teachers in the classrooms; listening to children read; typing stories; additional supervision for excursions and camps; assistance in the canteen; running sporting activities; helping with fund raising activities; school banking and assistance in the library. Participation in the work of the P&C and election to the School Board is an option for all parents. Parents assisting within the school are required to exercise the utmost confidentiality when undertaking their paraprofessional role in the school. A helpers' registration form is distributed to parents and is required to be lodged at the Front Office.

Communication Between Home and School

Staff welcome the opportunity to meet with parents. This occurs both formally (parent/teacher interviews) and informally (by social, sporting and cultural activities). Parents can make appointments to speak to any teacher throughout the school year.

Please advise the school of any changes to be made to the medical information form and when moving or changing telephone numbers.

Absence from School: Duty of care requires all student absences to be explained in writing on return to school.